Ken P Media

Ken P Media

I'm all about the strategy

and strive for good placement, easy functioning, well designed layouts.
(this site was made in college,
a decade ago... yet...)

From Web Design & Programming with server & hosting setup, database integration and designing user friendly, mobile sites; to Graphic Design for logos, illustrations, ads, cards, any photo need... for print quality or web production; in addition to video & audio editing... I'm confident for starting and completing, any media project.


About Me

Having skills with Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, to create or manipulate any graphic, video or animation...for any print or web media... and good SEO coded layouts and programmed web sites...

I'm confident to start from scratch and finish any media project. View my portfolio for examples and view my skills‑sets to learn what I know.

When I design, I keep marketing in mind, always gearing the content, advertising and flow of the media towards attracting the intended audience.

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Things you wouldn't ask to know...

My Likes: Golf!, Bowling, Warm Weather, Coffee, Good Cigar's, Making Things Work... T.V. Channels: espn, cnn, comedy.. (science, discovery, history..etc.. Knoweldge Is Power)

Favorite Teacher Proverb: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, I'll understand."



Web/Project Development

All sites are coded from scratch, responsive with PHP contact forms and Google reCAPTCHA, containing a sitemap.xml and robots.txt for search engine integrations, utilizing Google Webmasters Tools, integrating Google APIs as well as using Photoshop & Illustrator techniques for photos, graphics, logos and backgrounds.

I have more, update soon...

Graphic Design

View Print Layouts or Vector Logo's and Illustrations

Designs Collage

Print Layouts

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MDR Motorsports Business Cards Tessler Golf Business Cards Ken P Media Business Cards MDR Motorsports Sign Realty Car Magnet Amazon products branding Tessler Golf Lessons Welcome Sign Young's AD Lockhart Legacy sign packaging design Direct Mail Ad Direct Mail Ad Direct Mail Ad

Vector Logo's

MDR Motorsports Logo Paul Tessler Golf Logo Dr Ike logo Iykisms Logo SmartBuy logo Lohman Consultants Logo Lockhart Legacy Stables Logo

More Vector Illustrations and 99Designs Entries

Drinks and Burger Illustrations Lightbulb - Build Idea Money Pig for Logo 99 Design - A Chefs Hat Logo 99 Design - Invest Logo 99 Design - Armand Morin logo 99 Design - Lease Monkey logo My First Illustration

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Skill Sets

  • Adobe Creative Suites / Cloud
    • Acrobat Pro/DC
    • Bridge
    • Dreamweaver (prefer Sublime / Atom / Etc.)
    • Flash
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • After Effects
    • Media Encoder
    • Photoshop
    • Premier Elements
    • Premier Pro
  • Coding / Front-End Development
    • ActionScript 3.0
    • Bootstrap
    • CSS3/SASS (DRY)
    • Google APIs
    • HTML5
    • JQuery
    • Javascript/XML (AJAX)
    • PHP
    • SQL
  • Audacity
  • Chrome DevTools
  • FileZilla
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Office
  • MySQL (Intermediate)
  • phpMyAdmin
  • SEO
  • Sublime / Atom / Etc.
  • WAMP

Away at the moment...